Noob Factory V11 Replica Rolex GMT-Master II 126719 Blue/Red Ceramic Bezel with Blue Dial

This is a new GMT-Master Rolex watch that I recently mentioned. It is a high-quality replica watches produced by the Noob factory. The new GMT-Master II 126719 model features a blue/red ceramic bezel and an Oyster bracelet, whereas the previous model released by Noob had a Jubilee bracelet. Both watches are crafted with 904L stainless steel and utilize Noob’s finest clone movement, specifically the latest clone 3285 movement developed by Noob. In addition to the blue/red ceramic bezel version, Noob factory also introduced another GMT-Master II model with a black dial and clone 3186 movement. Today, I will focus on the former version with the blue/red ceramic bezel and Oyster bracelet.

I prefer the black dial over the blue one for the replica watch. While the blue and red ceramic bezel complements the blue dial well, I personally don’t like that color combination. The GMT-Master II 126719 features the latest Noob movement, the 3285, which is considered to be their latest masterpiece. As Noob competes with other factories like ZZF, VSF, and ZF, they have been striving to improve the quality of their Submariner watches. They recently released the V11 edition to meet higher standards. In the GMT-Master II category, Noob faces competition from other factories such as V9 and GM. However, Noob has its own advantages. For instance, on the GMT-Master 126719, Noob’s version has a ceramic bezel with blue and red colors that closely resemble the genuine Rolex version. Additionally, Noob is the first to develop the clone 3285 movement, which closely replicates the decoration of the genuine Rolex 3285 Calibre.

Both manufacturers are known for producing high-quality replica Rolex GMT-Master II. In particular, V9 factory offers competitive pricing, which has attracted a large number of buyers. Some even believe that the clone movements produced by V9 factory are more stable than those by Noob, whether it’s the clone 3186 or 3285 movement.Noob, on the other hand, has established a strong reputation in the watch industry. They are often confident in selling their products at higher prices, but they also occasionally offer promotional sales where they significantly reduce prices by a high percentage. It’s important to note that opinions may vary regarding which factory produces the best replicas, and factors such as price, reputation, and stability can influence individual preferences.

Finally, regarding the clone 3285 movement, it is satisfactory. The GM factory also offers their own version of the clone 3285 movement in their latest V3 GMT-Master II. Some individuals believe that the GM factory’s 3285 movement is superior, but this claim still requires testing. Noob has done an excellent job with movement decoration. However, the stability of their clone movements in GMT-Master replicas, such as A3186 and A3285, still needs customer feedback. It is hoped that Noob can improve the stability of their clone movements to outperform other factories.

Specification of VS Factory Submariner 116610LV:

Factory: VS
Movement: VS Factory’s Custom Made Clone 3135, Currently the Best 3135 Movement in Our Market
Case: 40mm*13mm, 904L Stainless Steel
Crystal: Sapphire
Bezel: Green Ceramic from Clean Factory
Dial: Green with Superlumed Hour Markers and Hands
Bracelet: 904L Stainless Steel

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