Noob Factory Published New Replica Rolex Submariner 116613 Two Tone Black Watch

While Rolex unveiled several new models at the 2017 Basel event, many still regard the classic ones, such as the 116610LN Black Submariner and the 114060 No Date model, as the most iconic. Today, I would like to introduce the 116613, a two-tone Submariner style watch for Rolex enthusiasts. This particular replica Rolex Submariner 116613 is manufactured by the Noob factory and is the V7 version, which is currently considered the best. Every detail has been meticulously replicated to closely resemble the authentic Submariner watch. The yellow gold coating on the bezel and bracelet is specifically 18K wrapped gold, ensuring durability and preventing fading, as it is not simply plated.

The case of the perfect replica watch has a diameter of 40mm and a thickness of 13mm, which is exactly the same as the genuine one. It is constructed from brushed 316L stainless steel, while the bezel tooth and crown are coated in 18K gold. The black ceramic bezel insert features engraved yellow gold markers and can rotate counterclockwise. This bezel insert is crafted from authentic black ceramic, which provides enhanced scratch resistance compared to plastic. The black dial complements the black bezel, and all the hour markers are framed in yellow gold and filled with white luminous material at the center. The hands also emit a blue glow in the dark. Similar to the genuine Submariner, the inner bezel displays the correct ROLEX Rehaut. Upon comparing the dial lettering with that of a real Submariner, no differences can be observed.

The high quailt replica Rolex Submariner 116613 features a two-tone bracelet with yellow gold on the middle links, creating a luxurious texture. An important detail to note is the clasp, which now has silver engravings instead of the previous black ones found on older models. Fortunately, the clasp engravings on this replica watch are accurate in color, indicating that the Noob factory has finally produced Submariner replicas that are faithful to the original design. Owning such a high-quality replica Rolex is a great privilege, especially since it is equipped with a genuine Swiss ETA 2836 movement, rather than a clone.

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