Franken Rolex 116718

I haven’t previously discussed Franken watches, which are timepieces that incorporate genuine parts but are not considered authentic themselves. While there used to be more online discussions about Franken watches in the past, their popularity has diminished over time. Take, for example, the Rolex GMT-Master 116718 mentioned earlier, which is classified as a Franken watch because it utilizes genuine components like the bezel, dial, hands, crystal, and date. It’s important to note, however, that Franken Rolexes are essentially replica watches, despite their resemblance to genuine models. These watches often come with a higher price tag, typically costing thousands of dollars.

Since starting my blog, only one person has asked me about Franken watches. At the time, I didn’t know where to purchase them from, but now I have discovered a trusted source. The concept of Franken watches involves incorporating genuine watch parts into replica watches to make them appear closer to authentic timepieces. However, it’s important to note that even the best super clone on the market cannot replicate a genuine watch perfectly. As a result, some people opt to install authentic parts onto their replicas to improve their appearance. To create a Franken Rolex, one must start with a super clone Rolex from a reputable factory. These clones have the most accurate case profile and are very similar to genuine Rolexes, allowing for the installation of genuine components. For example, the GMT-Master 116718 has flaws in its bezel markers and dial color, which cannot be replicated perfectly even on a super clone. Therefore, the bezel and dial were replaced with genuine parts. If budget permits, one may even use real 18K gold on their Franken watch.

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