EW Factory Replica Rolex YachtMaster 226626 Titanium Watch

The latest YachtMaster Rolex you mentioned, with a metal bracelet, is indeed a notable addition to the YachtMaster line. It is interesting to see a YachtMaster watch with a metal bracelet, as it adds a different aesthetic and functionality to the timepiece.The replica version of this watch is manufactured by EW factory, which is known for producing good quality Rolex replicas at competitive prices. While their quality may not be the absolute best in the market, they offer a satisfactory level of craftsmanship.Regarding the specific replica watch you mentioned, it is made with real Titanium material, contributing to its lightweight nature. Weighing less than 105 grams, it ensures a comfortable wearing experience.

At present, the replica Rolex YachtMaster is only being produced by EW factory. However, I anticipate that the VS factory will also release their version of this watch later this year. VS factory is known for creating the best clone 3235 movement, and it is unlikely that they will miss this opportunity. Given that this watch is expected to gain popularity, many people have been asking about its price.If you are looking for a better replica of this YachtMaster, it may be worth waiting for the VS version. That being said, it is important to note that the EW version still offers very good quality, as many people have purchased their Rolex replica watches without complaints.If the VS factory does release their version of this Rolex YachtMaster, it is likely that the price will be quite high due to the superior quality associated with their products.

The replica Rolex YachtMaster features a titanium case measuring 42mm in diameter and 12mm in thickness. The entire watch has a satin finish, giving it an elegant look. The black bezel insert is crafted from real ceramic and has glossy markers against the satin-finished background. The lugs of the watch have the correct shape and size, neither too fat nor too thin, and the end links of the bracelet seamlessly integrate into the case.The dial of the replica closely resembles the YachtMaster models from the past, with the exception of a Rolex crown logo at 6 o’clock. It is worth noting that the replica is equipped with a clone 3235 movement. However, it should be clarified that this movement is not the same as the one used by VSF (VS factory). EW claims that their clone 3235 offers a 72-hour power reserve, but I believe the maximum power reserve is around 50 hours, which is still commendable.

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