KZ Factory Replica Rolex Submariner PhantomLab with 3135 Movement

This watch is quite intriguing. While I have come across watches with transparent features before, the image of the little prince on the dial gives it a somewhat playful appearance. Personally, this style doesn’t appeal to me. I view the Submariner as a sports model that can also be worn in formal settings, but the inclusion of a childlike image on the dial makes it seem more like a toy watch intended for a younger audience.

The replica watch is crafted by KZ factory, known for producing watches such as the Rolex Cellini. While not widely recognized, this factory maintains a decent reputation and does not mass-produce replica watches. As for the PhandomLab custom-made Rolex Submariner with a transparent case and a blue-sky dial, it exudes a somewhat mystical aura.

It’s worth noting that the replica watch is entirely constructed with acrylic, a material that is relatively inexpensive and prone to unsightly scratches. Some dealers’ websites may refer to the case as being constructed with composite material, which is essentially the same cheap acrylic. Considering KZ factory’s high price point of over 480 USD for this replica, it may not be worth the investment.

The case of this replica watch has a diameter of 40mm, but unfortunately, it is quite thick, measuring up to 16mm. This thickness may not be desirable for some individuals, as it surpasses the thickness of many Panerai watches. However, one notable feature is the visible movement through the case back. The movement plate showcases golden engravings resembling the genuine Rolex 3135 movement, including the distinctive golden “3135” seal.

At first glance, the case appears to be more transparent than the round bezel, creating the illusion that the four lugs are nearly invisible, giving the entire watch a rounded appearance. The dial is truly enchanting, featuring the image of the little prince beneath a blue night sky, perfectly aligning with the magical theme that PhantomLab has artfully crafted for this timepiece.

It’s worth noting that KZ factory has released nine different models of the Submariner PhantomLab edition, each showcasing a distinct dial style and featuring a high-quality 3135 movement, which are both significant selling points. Despite these notable features, however, some may struggle to find a compelling reason to purchase this charming timepiece.

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